To keep everyone safe from COVID-19

1. For 2020, we are booking only half-days and full days, and we’ll book no more than one client per day, to maintain social distance and give staff time to clean.

2. Staff will ventilate the Tank for one hour before and after each visit.

3. Staff will clean all commonly touched surfaces, door handles, mics, instruments and portapotty before and after each visit.

4. Staff will place a table across open control room door, and conduct all business across it, so that we can maintain a six-foot distance.

5. Staff will take their temperatures before work and stay home if it is elevated.

6.  Guests will be asked upon arrival if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.  Visits must be cancelled or postponed if they do.

7. We require facemasks for staff and guests.

8. Visitors must maintain a six-foot distance in The Tank at all times. No visitors in the control room.

9. Hand sanitizers and bleach wipes will be available for visitors and staff.

10. No public seating on the deck near the entrance to the Tank. We’ve created a socially-distant hang-out area in the shade of the Tank with beach chairs and a little table.

11. We have improved our hand-washing station and ensured water supply for it.

12. The Tank now requires payment in advance, online, to limit contact with staff.

13. Customers may not handle merchandise until purchased.  Please use hand sanitizer before and after merchandise sales.

If you have questions or comments about these precautions, please call the Executive Director: 518 789 4182