From David Shoemaker

 …By listening to “Leaving Eden” on good headphones or excellent speakers, all the way through, uninterrupted, you will not hear sounds or music the same way for at least 3 days! It impacts the the ear, the brain and the Soul – deeply!!It transforms you! The TANK and the music created in it can do this.

When Bruce and I were getting near the completion of our work on “Leaving Eden,” I happened to be on a camping trip with two close friends. We were sitting around a campfire and I had a cassette of several selections from “Leaving Eden.” One friend opened the doors to his pick-up truck and we plugged the cassette into his good sound system and turned up the volume. All three of us were staring at this beautiful bonfire while we were listening to this Majestically Spiritual set of Pieces. After it was over, both friends said to me, “My God, you have to get us copies of that!” and they later told me that it went on to affect them days afterwards.

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