‘Free Yampa 20 Years’ from Mho Salim

Free Yampa 20 years from Mho Salim on Vimeo.

Images from the Yampa river. Brother Massoud took most of these pictures during his first trip down Yampa (May 2006). There are a couple of pictures by Marc McCoin and also a couple by Mho Salim.
The background music are two pieces by Bruce Odland.

The background music in “Free Yampa” is one of the high points in my life. I got to be a part of a 12-minute improv with Bruce Odland and Paul Klite in the TANK. I just thought about Yampa [River] and blew air in my flute, and Paul, Bruce, and the TANK made it sound like music. Come to think of it, there is a disproportionate number of high points … when Bruce is around.

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