From Sammi Moon


The tank has been in my life since I was a kid. The musicians that would play unusual and magical instruments inside would come over to my grandmother’s, Barbara Wade, and visit with my family and I until night fall when we’d all go crawl through the portal of the tank, and awe at the amazing acoustics of every little sound. I didn’t know I could sing well back then, but as I got older and fell in love with all kinds of music, I looked forward to the tank experience more and more. Last year, Mike Stanwood, as well as the team from New York came and we enjoyed an amazing music session like I’ve never experienced before. It feels like the tank is within, like the magnitudes of each vibration and sound echo throughout the soul, and into the universe. I’ve never felt so spiritually connected, to myself and to the world of music, as I have inside the tank. I look forward to the chance to become one with the tank once more, and to share this amazing experience with everybody in the world.

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I heard you sing last night on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio). Your voice is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!
~ Suzanne from MN
P.S. Would you consider posting under “Tank Channel”?

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