Here you are! from Max Bernstein

Flinching Eye
Here you are! 

The Flinching Eye Collective, a group of media based performance artists, had the privilege to visit The TANK last year. We were on a mission to both support the development of this burgeoning new art center, as well as attempt to engage with it as an acoustic collaborator. What we discovered was a place of openness, a space for exploration, and a community which was full of support and excitement for an unlikely group of visitors.

At the moment of crossing The TANK’s mighty, new threshold, there was an immediate spark of excitement and engagement that spread amongst the collective. Sonic and performative, ideas and experiments, began growing from our minds, as though the ceiling had been lifted, and a fresh reservoir was now available to be filled.

We discovered the many shapes and contexts in which The TANK could be used as instrument, receptacle, audience, reservoir, teacher, community, architecture, cinema, theater, enemy and collaborator. This shared experience will forever influence how we think about sound in space, as well as the importance of architecture in making art. We will be forever grateful!

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