New Experiments in The TANK – October 2013

With credentials too massive to list, 2-time Grammy winner Tom Wassinger came to the TANK for the first time to record. His gorgeous Weissenborn-style Hawaiian lap-steel guitar created a stunning example of what we knew would happen when such big talent is set free in this echoic chamber.


The Ladies: A gathering of six local ladies and Lois began to explore – for the first time ever — what multiple harmonic voices sound like in the TANK. Using “Angels We Have Heard” On High as the first experiment, this ongoing project is the beginning of a Rangely Women’s Chorus.


College Outreach: Lee Stanley, English INSTRUCTOR at Colorado Northwestern Community College, brought his class to experience the TANK for the first time. Watching the 15+ enthusiastic students coming over the hill at sunset was a glorious scene.  Their help was vital in getting all the names written on the walls of the tank.



Tanks In The TANK: Two young Denver musicians brought hand-made instruments called “Hangs” to play in the TANK. They were made from old propane tanks and created yet another mysterious sound so unique to the TANK.







Our Intern: University of Denver Senior Matt Paradis, who will receive his degree in May in MUSIC/RECORDING ARTS, became our first Tank intern. He helped with the technical tasks, played his guitar in the TANK, and carried away a set of fresh ears from the experience.  He was generously housed by our favorite local ceramic artist Beth Robinson Wiley, her husband, Joe (also a professor at the college), and their two dear little aspiring musicians.(Matt Paradis, center, out first intern. Photo: Galen Clarke)




Our Rangely Representatives:  We are lucky to have the support of both Beth and Heather Zadra, our Lifesavers and Premier Helpers. Having their commitment is critical to our presence in Rangely.  Through them we are getting to know more people from Rangely including their lovely families.  Beth’s son Caleb spent a long time drumming inside and certainly gets the way sound moves in the TANK.  Here is his drawing.  (Caleb Robinson Wiley drew this picture of his experience in the TANK)






It’s Official: FOTT-mark-lois-bruce22

The TANK has an address!

233 County Road 46

Rangely CO, 81648

(Maybe one day we can call it 233 Tank Road.)



To really get a grasp of how large this TANK project has become, please read the  TANK “Conditional Use Permit Application” (PDF file). We all thought long and hard to create this document, which includes several beautiful concept designs that will give readers a feel for the details of what to look forward to as the TANK becomes a CENTER FOR SONIC ARTS.   The C.U.Pp is being reviewed by all relevant Rio Blanco County Agencies.


On April 10 there will be a Rangely Planning Commission meeting where we will present our concept to the community, and answer questions. 

On April 21 there will be a Rangely Board of County Commissioners meeting where a decision will be made.  Wish us luck!

If all goes well, we should then have a sense of whether all of our TANK dreams will be realized.

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Love what you are doing in the TANK I live in Bali as an international musician with crystal sound however was born in Nebraska.
Would love to come and visit and know more how one could create a community concert with the octave of crystal there…and of course .record. Thank you saving the TANK Living Love and Loving Living embracing our resonance Together, AwaHoshi Creating new sound fields of Harmony in the World.
for some reason your the message will not accept my email so i have put in a freinds.

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