We have done it!

The TANK is now Legal as a Public Space. Thank you for your generous support and endless encouragement.

After three years of hard work, The TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colorado has a Certificate of Occupancy. We transformed an abandoned water tank that no one could enter legally, into a permitted assembly hall, all up to code and ready to receive visitors.

We have a new access road, electrical power, ventilation, lighting, safety fence, sanitation facilities, fire extinguishers, and a new door, large enough for a string orchestra.

Now our attention begins to turn toward DOING things at The TANK.  Please stay in touch to learn about coming to The TANK, how you can do a project here, possible concerts or other events…as the future of The TANK becomes real.

Watch this HOT video of cutting the new door.

We have a stunning air conditioned recording studio control room made from a converted shipping container, connected to The TANK by a beautiful deck — all wheelchair accessible.


New container/recording studio, new deck, fresh talent


The TANK and the new container/control room

September 5th through 9th 2015 The TANK hosted an Open House.

Come join us and hear your voice in The TANK during our OPEN HOUSE at Rangely’s fabled Septemberfest (PDF) this Labor Day weekend, September 4-7th, 2015. See what we have done and meet the tribe of folks who did it. With overwhelming support from members of the Rangely community who teamed up with Friends of the TANK volunteers from around the nation, we’ve made the dream a reality.


    • Saturday, September 5th: Open House at the TANK, 9am-12pm
    • Sunday, September 6th: Open House at the TANK, 7-9 pm
    • Monday, September 7th: Reserve TANK time for yourself or a group.
    • Tuesday, September 8th: Outreach events with Rangely schools

We expect to have our GRAND OPENING in the spring of 2016. To stay tuned, Join our mailing list.

1 reply on “We have done it!”

Wow, so cool been driving by the Tank for 40 years, never knew…
I was listening to colo public radio yesterday and heard an interview and while hearing the sounds with trumpet, tears started flowing down my face, whats that all about?
So how about a round of Fibonacci frequency tones, vibrations for water purification, or healing possibilities, someday we will heal with vibration therapy… next trip
through i will stop by say hi…

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