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There is something very special in the County of Rio Blanco, Colorado. The TANK, operated by Friends of the TANK, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, resides in Rangely and is an acoustical marvel: a musical instrument of unparalleled value. Friends of the TANK is preserving and developing this “musical instrument” as a Center for Sonic Arts. There is a growing appreciation of sound and acoustics in our hyper-visual world, as well as a growing interest in resonant spaces and unusual listening experiences. Over time, the TANK — with its unsurpassed resonance — will attract sonic thinkers and acousticians, as well as a new community of interested lay people and curious visitors.


 The TANK is a huge sundial, with its great height and unique circular shape casting its shadow on the surrounding landscape. Consequently, its utilization will be in harmony with the seasons. In deep winter and midsummer, the TANK will be too cold or too hot for many of its potential uses. On the other hand, as the weather cools in the late summer evenings, or as the mountain desert begins to thaw in the early spring, the TANK will welcome visiting artists and residents.

Honoring the TANK’s rural location is vital to its identity. While we look forward to welcoming people who make the journey to Rangely to experience the TANK, our purpose in saving and developing the TANK for future generations is based largely on our appreciation and respect for the Rangely community, which is a vital part of the mission of the TANK, now and in the future.



  1. “Rangely Days” in the TANK: These will be special times for the community to visit the TANK; a regular time slot when local students, teachers, families, musicians, etc. can explore the TANK.
  2. School Groups and Outreach: We will make the TANK  available for teachers and artists to create educational opportunities for students and classes. 
  3. TANK Tours: We will lead small groups of visitors to tour the TANK, one of the sonic Wonders of the World.
  4. Individual Sessions:  We will make the TANK available by appointment to individuals and small groups who wish to have a personal interaction with the remarkable acoustics.



  1. Recording Sessions:  Handpicked projects from proposals submitted by artists whose work we feel will be enhanced by the TANK.
  2. Invited Recordings:  Old and new masters will be invited to spend time working with the TANK.
  3. Re-TANKing:  Materials submitted by professionals for re-recording in the TANK will be “Re-TANKed” by our own engineers.
  4. Residencies:  Artists will be invited to do an in-depth, long-term focus on their work or specialties.  
  5. Research:  The TANK will be made available to academics and artists doing research in acoustics and perception.
  6. Remote Content Generation: Artists will use the TANK to develop works for other venues, such as tours, festivals, and installation in other art venues around the world.



  1. TANK Outreach: All visiting artists will be required to give back to the community. Depending on the skills of the artists, they can, for example, give a talk, a teaching session, a concert, a visit to the preschool or the college, etc.
  2. Live Performance Events: Concerts will be given with a listening audience inside the TANK. Potentially, a listening audience on the outside of the TANK can be added, as well.
  3. Curated Events:  Friends of the Tank will organize events to take place over several days featuring selected artists whose works would be seen and heard in the TANK, outside on the TANK property, and at performance venues within the community.
  4. Sound Art installations: Artists will be invited to make Art Installations within the TANK’s totally unique acoustics as a sort of “gallery space” for sounds and images.

All of the above is an optimistic vision of what we believe we can accomplish at the TANK and what we can bring to the community of Rangely in the years ahead.Fig-6-Fig-3-Lo-and-kids

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