Here’s a slideshow of all the work that’s taken place between our 2013 Kickstarter and the end of 2015. 


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YEAH!!!! How exciting to see the next step of the Vision in the Tank’s future process come into view, and I have the faith it will be completely funded. God uses the weak things of the world to confound the wise…..and this Tank is that, an old thing that others seen as a piece of metal that had no significance in this world other than a hunk of iron. But to those with gifts to see beyond the normal, the supernatural can take place and it becomes a piece of fabulous sounds that sooth the soul, sounds of unearthly amazing goodness, piercing the soul!!! And…….I invite you to come and see and hear and be hooked!!!! Just as the Tank gang and all thier friends have come together to make Her a Keeper! Thanks to all who have joined together to support Her – The Tank! May you each be blessed for your generosity!!!

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